4 de años Acreditación
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Message from the university Rector

Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez is an accredited institution founded more than 30 years ago with a primary focus on public service and the legacy that drives it to the pursuit of greater justice and social equity. Universidad Católica Silva Henriquez is a Salesian university, largely inspired by the work of Cardinal Raúl Silva Henriquez, a renowned ombudsman who strongly fought for human rights, a man fully committed to human freedom and justice and one that supported this institutional project from the very beginning.

As recipients of his legacy, we feel strongly compelled to the constant pursuit of excellence in our every-day work and persistent improvement.

We regard education as a tool to serve others, completely devoid of any interest in profit of any sort. We intend to train professionals of excellence, fully committed to contributing to a better Chile from their corresponding areas of knowledge; our research is conducted with the view to benefitting the underprivileged and we think of ourselves as part of the community wherein our work promotes human respect.

We regard ourselves as a responsible institution, which undertakes new challenges accordingly; indeed, the fact that we have been accredited for the third time attests to this claim. Such accreditation publically recognises our pursuit of quality, which is an integral part of our institutional project.

Come and learn more about our project, which is always open to the new challenges that higher education poses and one that readily takes on the demands coming from the current and future society.

Dr. Jorge Baeza Correa
Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez