Message from the Rector

Catholic University Silva Henriquez is an academic community that rigorously and critically contributes to protect and develop human dignity and cultural heritage through research, education and the various services offered to the community at the local, national and international levels.

We have a community of academics who constantly improve their skills and reflect on objectives, contents, methods and results of research in every discipline, in the context of a coherent vision of the world.

Since our history of 38 years, we are a university community recognized for the processes undertaken: we are accredited, attached to the Single System of Admission to Higher Education and determined to increasingly open our doors to talented young people from the most vulnerable sectors, expressed in the adscription to gratuity and in the propaedeutic and baccalaureate programs we offer.

We are aware that being heirs of a rich heritage – Don Bosco and Cardinal Silva Henriquez – means that we must offer the best opportunities to each one of our students for, upon completion of their initial vocational training process, they can be integrated to society as a real contribution.

We invite you to know our Institutional Project, which is always open to higher education challenges and sensitive to the sociocultural requirements of present times.

Dr. Galvarino Jofré Araya sdb
Catholic University Silva Henriquez